I am a certified Life Coach with a niche in LAW OF ATTRACTION.
quantumlogo[1](1)That means I know how to construct the mental framework necessary to accomplish anybody’s intended goal. But equally importantly I consider myself a second generation emergent of the first generation western teachers of New Thought / Ancient Wisdom Spirituality. They are the ones who studied the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, a Course In Miracles and the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. I studied them: Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Eckhard Tolle, Neale Donald Walsh and Wayne Dyer. The combined understanding of higher spiritual principals and how to interact with them, which I developed over a period of 25 years enables me now to enlighten others who suspect that there must be more to life than what they have encountered so far and are ready to venture outside of their current paradigm. My aspiration is for you to actually supersede the rational mind, which is limited only to what it knows and become available to the greater ideas the Universe has for you ! This will not only realign you with your soul’s agenda (the reason for which you took up this incarnation) but turn your life into a beneficial presence on the planet as you get to literally represent the Divine in this way. Therein lies the deeper joy and sense of purpose that all of us are looking for. So whether you want to achieve something specific or unblock the flow of your inherent good as a spiritual being I am here to design the HOW TO with and for you, inspire you by introducing new perspectives that will broaden your horizons, encourage and hold your vision for you until you can embrace it for yourself.

The work however needs to be done by you ! It takes discipline and determination to overturn the counterproductive thought patterns that stem from your falsely adopted beliefs and replace them with concepts of the original truth. I must mention this critical fact in order to be completely fair. On the bright side: how exciting will it be to anticipate positive open-ended future change ??? If you do nothing you will continue to attract your life’s circumstances by default.

(Of course there are plenty of self-help books available on the market today)

To view evidence of what happened when I turned it over click on the link below. This entire art collection was co-created with the Universe. I always felt creative and wondered where I could go with it. Here is the result:  http://bettinaart.com/